LHCMA World War One A-Z listing


This is an introductory guide to the holdings of the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives which relate to World War One. It is not intended to be exhaustive: please follow individual links for complete summary guide entries. 

Named collections

ADAM, Gen Sir Ronald Forbes, 2nd Bt (1885-1982)

Served with Royal Artillery in France, Flanders and Italy, World War One, 1914-1918.

Diaries, 1916-1918, relating to his service on the Western Front and in Italy.

ALLENBY, FM Edmund (Henry Hynman), 1st Viscount Allenby of Megiddo and of Felixstowe (1861-1936)

Commander, 1 Cavalry Div, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), Western Front, 1914; Commander, 5 Army Corps, 1915; Commander, 3 Army, 1915-1917; Commander-in-Chief, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, Palestine and Egypt, 1917-1919.

Papers, 1890-1955, including letters home to his wife from France, 1914 (ref: Allenby 1/5/11- 95); semi official and personal correspondence, 1917-1934, relating to Allenby's service in Egypt (ref: Allenby 2/5/1-22).

ARNOTT, Lewis (1898-1971)

Served with Royal Garrison Artillery, North West Frontier Province, India, 1917-1919.

Copy photographs relating to his service, 1917-1919, including British forces in camp and on marches, and captioned images of the Afghan delegation to peace talks with Britain, 1919.

ASTON, Maj Gen Sir George (Grey) (1861-1938)

Chairman of the Committee on Defence of Admiralty Oil Reserves, 1914; commanded Independent Forces expeditions to Ostend and Dunkirk, 1914; Col Commandant, Royal Marine Artillery, 1914-1917; Maj Gen and retired, 1917; employed in secretariat of the War Cabinet, 1918- 1919.

Papers, 1892-1933, including photocopies of diaries, 1899-1926; correspondence, 1914-1916, relating to his service as Commandant, Royal Marine Artillery; correspondence, 1914, relating to his command of expeditions to Dunkirk and Ostend; correspondence and notes, 1914-1917, relating to the Dardanelles campaign, 1915.

ASTON, Col Dr Stanley Collin (1915-1992)

Served with Suffolk Regt, World War Two.

Papers include 100 stereoscope photographs of trench life, Western Front, World War One.

BALLARD, Brig Gen Colin Robert (1868-1941)

Commander, 1 Bn, Norfolk Regt and later 7, 95 and 14 Infantry Bdes, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), France and Belgium, 1914-1916; Commander, 57 Infantry Bde, British Armies in France, 1916-1917.

Letters home to his family, 1900-1916, including descriptions of his service with 1 Bn, Norfolk Regt and 7, 95 and 14 Infantry Bdes, France and Belgium, 1914-1916, notably at the Battle of Mons, Aug 1914.

BALSTON, Maj Thomas (1883-1967)

Served in France and Belgium with 12 Bn, Gloucestershire Regt, 1914-1919; Staff Capt, 96 Infantry Bde, 1915-1917; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, 3 Div, 1917-1918, and 3 Corps, 1918- 1919.

Papers, 1915-1918, including his official report of a visit to trenches near 3 Infantry Bde Headquarters at Novelles, 9-12 Aug 1915.

BARNARDISTON, Maj Gen Nathaniel Walter (1858-1919)

Commanded British troops at capture of Tsingtao, North China, 1914; Commander 39 Div, Western Front, 1915-1916; Chief of British Military Mission to Portugal, 1916-1919.

Papers relating to the Japanese and British capture of the German possession of Tsingtao, and a subsequent visit to Japan, 1914; personal diaries relating to service on Western Front, Mar-Jun 1916, and in Portugal, 1916-1919; correspondence relating to Belgian neutrality in the event of war, 1906.

BARTHOLOMEW, Gen Sir William Henry (1877-1962)

General Staff Officer, Grade 3, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1914-1915; General Staff Officer Grade 2, 1915; General Staff Officer, Grade 1, Western Front, 1915-1916; War Officer, 1916- 1917; General Staff Officer, Grade 1, 4 Div, and Brig Gen General Staff, 20 Corps, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, 1917-1918.

Memoranda, correspondence, reports and notes relating to operations in Palestine, 1917-1918, especially planning for the Third Battle of Gaza, Oct 1917; narrative accounts of the role of 20 Corps at the Third Battle of Gaza and the capture of Jerusalem.

BEDDINGTON, Brig Sir Edward Henry Lionel (1884-1966)

General Staff Officer with 2 Cavalry Div and 5 Army, Western Front, 1914-1918.

Unpublished memoirs, 'My life', written in 1960 and relating to his life and career, 1884-1960, including details of his staff appointments during World War One, 1914-1918.

BENSON, Lt Col Sir Reginald Lindsay (1889-1968)

Adjutant, 9 Lancers, 1914-1915; Cavalry Corps, France, 1916; Liaison Officer, British Military Mission, Groupe des Armées du Nord, 1917-1918; Liaison Officer, British Military Mission, Grand Quartier Général, 1918.

Papers relating to his service in World War One, 1915-1918, including French and British casualty and strength figures, 1915-1918; correspondence and associated papers relating to his work with Groupe des Armées du Nord and Grand Quartier Général, France, 1915, 1917-1919; operational documents, 1917-1918, mainly concerning 5 Army, 9 Corps and 3 and 6 French Armies; French Grand Quartier Général official communications, reports and telegrams, 1918.

BETHELL, Adm Hon Sir Alexander Edward (1855-1932)

Commanded battleships of 3 Fleet, 1914; commander, Channel Fleet, 1915; Adm, 1916; Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth, 1916-1918; Adm commanding Coast Guard and Reserves; retired, 1918.

Papers, 1865-1979, including correspondence relating to his service as Commander of 3 Fleet and Channel Fleet, 1914-1915 and Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth, 1916-1918; correspondence with Adm Sir Alexander Duff, 1917-1918, AF John Arbuthnot Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher of Kilverstone, 1909-1918, and AF John Rushworth Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe, 1913-1918.

BETHELL, Capt Edward Walter (1891-1918)

Served with The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regt), France, 1914-1918; wounded, First Battle of Ypres, Belgium, 1914; Capt, 1915; Assistant Instructor, Mersey School of Instruction, 1915-1916; Company Commander, No 8 Officer Cadet Bn, 1916-1917; Staff Course, Clare College, Cambridge, 1917; Assistant Instructor, No 1 School of Instruction for Infantry Officers, 1917-1918; Senior Officers Course, Aldershot, 1918; commanded B Company, 1 Bn, The Queen's, 19 Infantry Bde, 33 Div, 5 Corps, 3 Army, Western Front, 1918; killed in action near Epéhy, France, 21 Sep 1918.

Correspondence, 1918-1927, relating to his death and burial, including letters of condolence to his parents from Brig Gen Charles Robert Graham Mayne, commanding 19 Infantry Bde, and Brevet Lt Col Percy Charles Esdaile, Commanding Officer, 1 Bn, The Queen's, 1918, also correspondence with the War Office and the Imperial War Grave Commission concerning the cemetery and grave.

BETHELL, Lt Maurice John, RN, (1894-1916)

First Lt, HMS BONETTA, Devonport, 1914; Sub Lt, 1914; HMS AURORA, 13 Destroyer Flotilla, Grand Fleet, Queensferry, Fife, 1916; killed in action during the sinking of HMS NESTOR, 13 Destroyer Flotilla, Battle of Jutland, North Sea, 31 May 1916.

Letters home, 1914-1916; correspondence, 1916-1919, relating to his death and to the loss of HMS NESTOR, including correspondence between his father, Adm Hon Sir Alexander Edward Bethell and the Admiralty, 1919, concerning whether Bethell should be awarded a posthumous VC.

BISHOP, Maj Gen Sir (William Henry) Alexander (1897-1984)

Served with Dorset Regt in Mesopotamia and Palestine, 1915-1918.

Typescript memoirs, 'Look back with pleasure', written in 1971, covering his life and military career, 1897-1965, including his service in Mesopotamia and Palestine, 1915-1918.

BLAGROVE, Capt Peter (1889-1969)

Served in Royal Field Artillery Special Reserve, 1916-1920; served with Royal Field Artillery, 12 Div and X/12 Trench Mortar Battery in France, 1916-1918; Lt, 1917.

Papers relating to his service in France, 1917, including orders and summaries of operations for Royal Field Artillery, 12 Div, 1917; orders, maps and timetables relating to trench mortar batteries on the Somme, Jul-Sep 1917; General Staff publications on wiring, signalling, the employment of guns and trench mortars captured from the enemy, and 2 Army operations, 1917.

BLAKISTON-HOUSTON, Lt Col John Matthew (1898-1984)

Commissioned into 11 Hussars, 1916; seconded to 13 Bn, Tank Corps, 1917-1919; served in France, 1918.

Detailed memoir, 'I'd live it again', covering his life and military career, 1898-1945, including his service in France, 1918, written in 1947 and privately published in pamphlet form.

BLOXAM, Rev John Francis (1873-1928)

Appointed as Chaplain to the Forces and served on the Western Front, 1916-1918.

Papers 1917-1918, including two letters to his sister describing action at Menin Road, third Battle of Ypres, Sep 1917, and Battle of the Selle, Oct 1918.

BOLITHO, Capt Richard John Bruce (1889-1965)

Served in France and Belgium with Devonshire Regt, Royal Flying Corps and Army Signal Service, 1914-1918; Lt, 1915; Capt, 1918.

Proof copy of article, written in 1962, on his military career, 1915-1944, notably concerning his experiments with the transmission and interception of wireless messages and radar.

BONHAM CARTER, Victor (1913-2007)

Military historian

Research notes, typescript and proof copy, 1960-1963, relating to Soldier True: the life and times of FM Sir William Robertson, 1860-1933 (Frederick Muller, London, 1963). Papers, 1963-1964, relating to BBC television series The Great War, broadcast in 1964, including programme summaries, Bonham-Carter's notes, his drafts of the script and a joint script with Antony Jay.

BOWLBY, Surgeon Gen Sir Anthony Alfred, 1st Bt (1855-1929)

Served in Army Medical Service, 1914-1919.

Report to the Director General of Medical Services, Surgeon Gen Sir Arthur Sloggett, on the introduction of steel helmets, 1916.

BRAY, Lt Col Eustace Arthur (b 1884)

Capt, East Yorkshire Regt, Gallipoli, 1915.

Copies of three letters to his family describing action at Gallipoli, Aug-Sep 1915.

BROOKE, FM Alan Francis, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke of Brookeborough (1883-1963)

Served on Western Front commanding Secunderabad Cavalry Bde, 1914-1915, Adjutant, 2 Indian Bde, Royal Horse Artillery, 1915, Bde Maj, 18 Divisional Artillery, 1915, General Staff Officer Grade 2, Royal Artillery, Canadian Corps, 1917, General Staff Officer Grade 1, Royal Artillery, 1 Army, 1918-1919.

Papers, 1906-1907, including detailed unpublished memoirs, written 1946-1960, with details of his service, 1914-1918 (ref: Alanbrooke 5/2/1); letters to his mother covering his service in France and Belgium, 1914-1918, with press cuttings, panoramic photographs of the Front, and aerial photographs, 1916-1918, of German trenches (ref: Alanbrooke 2/1/7-11).

BROOKE-POPHAM, ACM Sir (Henry) Robert (Moore) (1878-1953)

Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General to the Royal Flying Corps, General Headquarters, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1914-1916; Maj, 1915; formed 3 Wing (1 and 4 Sqns), Royal Flying Corps, 1915; Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General, Royal Flying Corps, 1916; Controller of Aircraft Production, Air Ministry, 1918-1919.

Papers include printed material relating to RAF policy and training operations, including a file on air policy, 1917-1918, including Air Ministry report on air raids over Germany, Jan-Nov 1918, and pamphlets relating to air fighting tactics, World War One; aerial reconnaissance photographs of Western Front, 1917-1918.

BROWN,  Lt Gen Sir John (1880-1958)

Adjutant, 4 Bn, Northamptonshire Regt, 1914-1916; commanded 4 Bn, 1916-1918; Gallipoli, 1915; Egypt and Palestine, 1916-1918

Trench maps of Gallipoli, 1915, and Gaza, 1917.

BRYANT, Sir Arthur Wynne Morgan (1899-1985), historian

Joined Royal Flying Corps, 1917; served in France with RAF, Jun 1918; declared unfit for flying due to altitude sickness, Jul 1918.

Letters home to his parents as an RFC trainee pilot, 1917-1918.

BURCH, Maj Gen Frederick Whitmore ('Eric') (1893-1977)

Mobilised with York Troop, East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry, 1914; commissioned into the East Yorkshire Regiment, 1914; served World War One, 1914-1918 on Western Front, Egypt and India; service with 12 (Service) Bn (3 Hull), East Yorkshire Regiment, 1914-1917; Lt, 1916; awarded MC, 1916; transferred to Indian Army, 1917; served with 7 Gurkha Rifles and 18 Royal Garwhal Rifles, 1917-1943; acting Capt, 1918; Third Afghan War, 1919.

Copies of papers, 1914-1939, including account of service with York Troop, East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry, 1914, and 12 (Service) Bn (3 Hull), East Yorkshire Regiment, UK and Suez Canal, Egypt, 1914-1916.

BURNABY, Lt Col Hugo Beaumont (1876-1916)

Joined 15 Bn, Durham Light Infantry, 1914; commanded 11 Bn, Queen's Regt (Royal West Surrey Regt), 1915; killed in action on Western Front, 1916.

Papers, 1876-1966, relating to his life and career, including correspondence with his family, 1915-1916, covering his service with 11 Bn, Queen's Regt (Royal West Surrey Regt), UK and Western Front, 1915-1916.

BURNETT-STUART, Gen Sir John Theodosius (1875-1958)

General Staff Officer Grade 2, 6 Div, Western Front, 1914-1915; General Staff Officer Grade 1, 15 Div, 1915; at General Headquarters, France, 1915-1917; Brig Gen, General Staff, 19 Army, 1917; Brig Gen, General Staff, 7 Army, 1917; Deputy Adjutant General, General Headquarters, 1917- 1919.

Copy of unpublished memoirs, including details of his service in France, 1914-1918.

BURROWS, Cdr Edgar Allison (1889-1979)

Joined RN, 1914; served in HMS PARTRIDGE and HMS ST GEORGE; Gallipoli, 1915; Salonika, 1916-1918.

Papers, 1914-1945, including letters home and photographs relating to Gallipoli, 1915-1916, and Salonika, 1916-1918.

BUSH, Capt Eric Wheler, RN (1899-1985)

Midshipman, HMS BACCHANTE, 1914; Battle of Heligoland Bight, 28 Aug 1914; defence of Suez Canal Jan-Mar 1915; Gallipoli, 1915; Midshipman, HMS REVENGE, 1916; served in North Sea, 1916-1918; Battle of Jutland, 31 May 1916.

Papers and photographs, 1912-1975, including photographs relating to his naval career, 1912- 1949, including album of photographs taken during his service in HMS BACCHANTE, 1914-1915, at Gallipoli, 1915, and in the North Sea, 1916-1918, and Baltic Sea, 1918-1920.

BUXTON, Brig St John Dudley (1891-1981)

Served with British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in France, 1914-1915, and Salonika Expeditionary Force, 1915-1918.

Typescript texts written under the pen-name John Harley, including 'Journeys in khaki', an illustrated memoir written in 1975, covering his life and career, 1914-1942, with details of his service with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in France, 1914-1915; 'A doctor went to the wars', an account of his experiences during 1914-1918 and 1939-1942, written in 1976.

CADOUX-HUDSON, Brig Philip Herbert (1894-1980)

Served with Royal Hampshire Regt, 1914-1926.

Microfilm of letters home, 1915-1926, including details of his service with the Hampshire Regt in Gallipoli, 1915, and on the Western Front, 1916-1919; letters from John (Jack) C Hudson to his family, 1915-1918, covering his service on the Western Front with the Signal Company, 1 Canadian Div, 1915-1916, and the Canadian Army Service Corps, 1917-1918; letters from Cadoux-Hudson's brother Heron Hudson to his family covering his service on the Western Front with the Signal Company, 1 Canadian Div, 1915-1916, and with the Canadian Army Service Corps, 1916-1918.

CAMPBELL , Gen Sir Frederick (1860-1943)

Commanded 1 (Peshawar) Div, North West Frontier Province, India, 1915-1918.

Reports on border patrol operations by 1 (Peshawar) Div, North West Frontier Province, 1915-1916.

CAPPER, Maj Gen Sir John Edward (1861-1955)

Deputy Inspector General, Lines of Communication, 1914; Chief Engineer, 3 Corps and 3 Army, 1915; General Officer Commanding 24 Div, 1915-1917; Director General, Tank Corps, 1917; Director General, War Office, 1917-1918; commanded 64 Div, Forces in Great Britain, 1918-1919; Commander, Number 1 Area, British Troops in France and Flanders, 1919.

Copy telegrams between German Adm Franz von Hipper, Commander in Chief German High Seas Fleet, and Adm Sir David Beatty, Commander in Chief British Grand Fleet, concerning the operation to escort the surrendered German Fleet to internment in Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands, 1918; volume entitled Report of the Commission Appointed by Act of Parliament to Enquire into the Operations of War in Mesopotamia, together with a separate report by Commander J Wedgewood (HMSO, London, 1917).

CARR, Lt Gen Laurence (1886-1954)

Adjutant to Col John Raymond Evelyn Stansfield, 2 Bn, Gordon Highlanders, 1915-1916; Staff Capt, 20 Infantry Bde, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1916; Bde Maj, 45 Infantry Bde, 1916- 1917; General Staff Officer, Grade 2, and temporary Maj for 51 Div, 5 Corps, and subsequently 18 Corps, Western Front, 1917-1918.

Letters home to his wife, 1914-1940.

CAWLEY , Capt Harold Thomas (1878-1915)

Aide de Camp to Maj Gen William Douglas, 42 Div, Mediterranean Expeditionary force, Gallipoli, 1915.

Transcribed letter home to his father, probably written Aug/Sep 1915, including detailed criticisms of the senior officers at Gallipoli, including Douglas and Gen Sir Ian Hamilton.

CHARRINGTON, Brig Harold Vincent Spencer (1886-1965)

Served with 12 (Prince of Wales' Royal) Lancers, Western Front, 1914-1918.

Accounts of activities of 12 (Prince of Wales' Royal) Lancers in 1914, notably the advance into Flanders and First Battle of Ypres; newsletter of 2 Cavalry Div, 1914; incomplete translation of the personal diary of a German Lt in 127 Infantry Regt, May-Aug 1916; letters from Charrington to his wife, 1915, 1918; personal letter, written in 1935, describing the capture of the Nauroy Ridge, near Bellenglise, France, by the Australian Corps, 29 Sep 1918.

CHARTERIS, Brig Gen John (1877-1946)

Aide de Camp to General Officer Commanding 1 Army Corps, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1914; General Staff Officer Grade 2, 1 Army Corps Headquarters, 1914-1916; Brig Gen (Head of Intelligence Service), British Expeditionary Force (BEF) General Headquarters, 1916-1918; Deputy Director of Transportation, General Headquarters, France, 1918.

Microfilm papers, 1906-1946, including letters home to his wife, 1914-1918, notably describing his intelligence work at 1 Army Headquarters and (BEF) General Headquarters, 1914-1918.

CHATER, Maj Gen Arthur Reginald (1896-1979)

Served with Royal Marine brigade, Flanders, 1914; Gallipoli, 1915; Grand Fleet, 1916-1917; Adjutant of RN Bn which landed from HMS VINDICTIVE at Zeebrugge, Apr 1918.

Diary extracts relating to Gallipoli, May 1915, and to the Allied raid on Zeebrugge, Apr 1918.

CLARKE, Brig Frederick Arthur Stanley (1892-1972)

Capt, 10 (County of London) Bn (Hackney), London Regt, Territorial Force, 1913; served in Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine and India as part of 162 Bde, 54 (East Anglian) Div; transferred to Essex Regt as Lt, 1916; temporary Deputy Assistant Adjutant, 21 Corps, 1917.

Typescript draft of 'The memoirs of a professional soldier in peace and war', written 1968, including descriptions of service in Gallipoli, Egypt and Palestine, notably the First, Second and Third Battles of Gaza, Palestine, 1917.

CLIFFORD, Col Esmond Humphrey Miller (1895-1970)

Service in France and Belgium, 1915-1917 and Italy, 1917-1919.

Narrative of operations of 7 Div, 1918, by the Rev Ernest Courtenay Crosse, including reference to Clifford's service as Officer Commanding 95 Field Company, Royal Engineers.

CLIVE, Lt Gen Sir (George) Sidney (1874-1959)

Head of British Missions, French General Headquarters, 1914-1918; Military Governor of Cologne, Germany, 1918-1919.

Detailed personal diaries of daily events at French General Headquarters, including preparations for and execution of Allied operations on the Western Front, relations between French and British General Staffs, meetings with Allied army commanders and political leaders, 1914-1918; letter book containing correspondence, mainly relating to planning for the Nivelle Offensive, Western Front, 1917.

COLLINS, Gp Capt Arthur Edgar Gerald (1891-1979)

Served in World War One, 1914-1918; commissioned into 1 Wessex Field Company, Royal Engineers, Territorial Force, 1915; service with 3 West Riding Field Company, Royal Engineers, Territorial Force, and 461 Field Company, Royal Engineers, Western Front, 1915-1918; awarded MC, 1915; Lt, 1916; Capt, 1918.

Thirty two British and French printed maps of France, Belgium, Germany and the UK, various scales, 1911-1918, including annotated trench maps of operations and advances during the Battles of Cambrai, 1917, Bullecourt, 1917, and Fourth Battle of Arras, 1918, with newspaper cuttings of the Western Front, 1918 and aerial photograph of Solesmes, France, annotated with position of 461 Field Company Royal Engineers, 19-20 Oct 1918, also painted unit insignia of 62 (2 West Riding) Div, Royal Engineers [1918].

CONNELL, Lt Col James Charles Walter (1877-1958)

Commanded 7 Bn Kings Own Scottish Borderers, 1915-1916; Second in Command, Officers Cadet Bn, 1917-1918.

Copy of field service log book recording service of 8 Bn, Gordon Highlanders and 6 Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Ypres, Jan-Mar 1916.

COOK, Pte Charles St George (b 1891)

Volunteered for service and posted to Dover with 3 and 10 Bns, East Surrey Regt, 1914; student, later instructor, School of Musketry, Hythe, 1915; posted to Machine Gun Training School, Grantham, 1915-1916; Machine Gun Corps Base Depot, Camiers, France, 1916-1918; joined 21 Bn, 1918 and took part in 3 Army attack across the Ancre, Aug 1918.

Papers, 1914-1988, including Letters From A Volunteer, a pamphlet edition of letters written to his parents while in barracks at Dover with 3 and 10 Bns East Surrey Regt, Oct 1914-Jan 1915, privately published in 1984.

CORBETT, Sir Julian Stafford (1854-1922)

Naval historian, 1890-1922; lecturer in History, Naval War College, Greenwich, 1902-1914.

Four letters to Corbett, 1919-1920, on the writing of the Official History of the Great War: Naval operations (Longmans, London, 1920-1931), from Sir Maurice Pascal Alers Hankey, Secretary to the Cabinet, AF John Rushworth Jellicoe, 1st Viscount Jellicoe of Scapa (former First Sea Lord) and two from AF David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty of the North Sea and of Brooksby, First Sea Lord.

COUSLAND, Lt Col Kenneth H (fl 1914-1974)

Commissioned as 2nd Lt, 1 Lowland Bde, Royal Field Artillery, 1914; served with Royal Field Artillery on Western Front, 1915-1918.

Photocopy of privately published memoir, 'The Great War, 1914-1818: a former 'Gunner' of the First World War looks back', a detailed account of his military career, 1913-1919.

COVERNTON, Capt Ralph H (1869-1952)

Served with South African Engineer Corps in German South West Africa, 1914-1915; signal training in UK, 1915; served in France with South African Signal Company, Royal Engineers, 1916; served in UK, 1917-1918.

Bound typescript entitled 'Fifty odd years of memoirs', covering his life and career, 1893-1945, including details of his service with the South African Engineer Corps, German South West Africa, 1914-1915, and with the South African Signal Company, Royal Engineers, France, 1916, including the Battle of the Somme, Jul 1916.

CUMMINS, Col Stevenson Lyle (1873-1949)

Deputy Assistant Director General, Medical Service, British Expeditionary Force, France, Jan-Dec 1915

War diary kept by Cummins, 1915. Also memoir of his World War One service, 1914-1917, including work with the Gas Brigade on the development of gas masks.

CUNLIFFE, Dr Percy Walmsley (1898-1992)

Served in Royal Naval Air Service and RAF, 1917-1918.

Papers relating to his service in the Royal Naval Air Service and RAF, 1917-1918, including a log-book covering his flights in the UK, 1917-1918, and photographs of aircraft and personnel, 1915- 1922.

CURREY, Adm Bernard (1862-1936)

Served in World War One, 1914-1918; commanded 5 Battle Sqn, Channel Fleet, in HMS PRINCE OF WALES, 1914-1915; Senior Naval Officer in charge, Gibraltar, 1915; V Adm, 1916; retired 1919.

Papers and plans relating to anti-submarine warfare, 1913-1915, including typescripts draft text of lecture by Currey entitled 'Hints on organised coast defence v submarines' [1914]; fifty six manuscript naval signals, Aug-Dec 1914, including signals to R Adm, 5 Battle Sqn from the Admiralty on the support to be given to operations by Chatham Royal Marine Force at Ostend, Belgium, 26-27 Aug 1914, signals relating to the loss of the battleship HMS AUDACIOUS to a mine in the Atlantic, 27 Oct 1914, and signals ordering RN battlecruisers HMS INVINCIBLE and HMS INFLEXIBLE to sea, 4 Nov 1914; journal and signal book kept by Mid Richard Reynell on board Currey's flagship, HMS PRINCE OF WALES, 1914-1915.

DACRE, Air Cdre George Bentley (fl 1911-1938)

Joined Royal Naval Air Service, 1914; served in UK, 1914-1915, Gallipoli, 1915, Bulgaria, 1915, and Egypt, 1916; imprisoned in Turkey, 1917.

Copies of diaries, 1911-1916, covering his flying training, 1911-1914, and his service with the Royal Naval Air Service in the UK, 1914-1915, Gallipoli, 1915, Bulgaria, 1915, and Egypt, 1916. Copy of account of his imprisonment in Turkey, Mar-Jul 1917, written in 1917.

DALY, Gp Capt Albert Peter Vincent (1891-1985)

Served in ranks with Canadian Expeditionary Force and Connaught Rangers, Western Front, 1915, and with 29 Sqn, Royal Flying Corps, 1916-1917. POW, 1917-1918

Diary entries, May 1915, on his first days in France; correspondence relating to his hospitalisation, 1916, and capture, 1917, including an eyewitness account of his crash landing; correspondence, 1973, relating to his recollections of flying the De Havilland DH2 Pusher Scout.

DARLINGTON, Col Sir Henry (Clayton) (1877-1959)

Commanded 1/5 Bn, Manchester Regt, in Egypt, 1914-1915, and Gallipoli, 1915.

Typescript of Letters from Helles (Longmans, London, 1936), describing his service in Egypt and Gallipoli, 1914-1915, written 1930-1936. Army books containing notes, orders and letters relating to his service at Gallipoli, Jul 1915-Nov 1915. Battalion orders for 2 Bn, Northamptonshire Regt, Alexandria, Aug-Sep 1914, and 5 Bn, Manchester Regt, Egypt, Oct 1914-Apr 1915. Papers relating to training of 5 Bn, Manchester Regt, Egypt, 1914-1915.

DE COURCY-IRELAND, Capt Brian, RN (1900-2001)

Midshipman, battleship HMS BELLEROPHON, Grand Fleet, Scapa Flow, 1916; battle of Jutland, 1916; witnessed scuttling of captured German Fleet, Scapa Flow, 1919

Memoir of his life and career, 1900-1951, including the battle of Jutland, 1916. Also an account of the scuttling of the German fleet, 1919. Account of the Battle of Jutland by Capt (later Adm Sir) Arthur Allen Morison Duff,  Capt, HMS BIRMINGHAM, 2 Light Cruiser Sqn, 1916. 

DE LA POER, Lt Cdr Edmond Alain Termeur de Poher (1883-1964)


Correspondence relating to the possible sinking of an enemy submarine by HMS CHRYSANTHEMUM, under de law Poer’s command, 1918

DE LISLE, Gen Sir Henry De Beauvoir (1864-1955)

Commanded 2 Cavalry Bde, 1 Cavalry Div, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), France, 1914; temporary Maj Gen, 1914-1915; General Officer Commanding 1 Cavalry Div, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), Western Front, 1914-1915; Maj Gen, 1915; General Officer Commanding 29 Div, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, Gallipoli, 1915-1916; temporarily commanded 9 Corps, Gallipoli, 1915; General Officer Commanding 29 Div, Western Front, 1916-1918; temporary Lt Gen, 1918; General Officer Commanding 15 Corps, British Armies in France, Apr 1918.

Draft reports written as commander, 2 Cavalry Bde, 1914. Two typescript volumes, 'My narrative of the Great German War', an account of his service in World War One in Gallipoli and on the Western Front, 1914-1918, including 29 photographs, and statistics for 29 Div casualties, 1915-1917; typescript of unpublished novel, 'The great recovery', written in 1941 and based on his experience of World War One. Also privately printed diary of Capt R M Thompson, describing his service with ‘C’ Sqn, 20 Hussars, France, 20 Aug-11 Sep 1914.

DE WINTON, Capt Francis Stephen Walter, RN (1896-1985)

Served in the North Sea, 1915, English Channel, 1915-1916, and off the west coast of Ireland, 1917-1918.

Typescript memoir, 'Ships in bottles', covering his life and naval career, 1902-1952, including his service in the North Sea and the English Channel, 1915-1916, and off the west coast of Ireland, 1917-1918.

DILL, FM Sir John Greer (1881-1944)

General Staff Officer Grade 1, 37 Div, Western Front, 1917.

Papers, 1901-1946, including Dill's instructions to 37 Div, Mar-Sep 1917; 15 Div operation orders for the Battle of Arras, Apr 1917; report on the Battle of Arras, 1917. Also cigarettes and tobacco in their original tin, presented to all British Army personnel, Christmas 1914.

DIMOLINE, Maj Gen William Alfred (1897-1965)

Joined 5 Bn, King's Liverpool Regt, 1914; served with East Surrey Regt in France and Belgium, World War One, 1914-1919.

Papers, 1914-1965, including papers relating to service in England and France, and with British Army on the Rhine, 1914-1919, notably 35 Division Artillery Signals orders and instructions, Western Front, Apr-Oct 1917.

DIVERS, Brig Sydney Thomas (1896-1979)

Served with Army Service Corps, France, 1914-1918.

Papers, 1915-1979, including correspondence relating to his service with Army Service Corps, 1915-1919.

DONLEA, Patrick Plunkett (1877-1936)

Indian Civil Service, 1898-1932; Inspector of Police, North West Frontier, 1911.

Papers, 1911-1932, including press cuttings describing charge of 21 Lancers at Shabkadr, North West Frontier, India, Aug 1915, and copy of letter to Donlea's mother-in-law from Maj Cecil Allanson, 1/6 Gurkha Rifles, describing the death of her son, Lt Le Marchand, Gallipolli, 1915.

DOUGLAS-SCOTT-MONTAGU, Brig Gen John Walter Edward, 2nd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu (1866-1929)

Commanded 7 Bn, Hampshire Regt, Egypt, 1914, and India, 1915; Inspector of Mechanical Transport to Government of India, 1915-1917; Adviser on Mechanical Transport Services in India, 1917-1919; member of Joint War Air Committee, 1916.

Papers, 1910-1928, including letters relating to his service with 7 Bn, Hampshire Regt in Egypt, 1914, and India, 1915; memoranda, official reports, notes and texts relating to his work as Adviser on Mechanical Transport Services to the Government of India, 1915-1919; account of service of No 1 Armoured Motor Unit, North West Frontier, India, 1915-1916; papers of the Joint War Air Committee, 1916; correspondence relating to the organisation of the air services, 1915-1916.

DUKE, Capt Mansergh Valentine, RN (b 1894)

Clerk, HMS NEW ZEALAND, 1914, and HMS LEVIATHAN, 1915; Paymaster Lt, 1916; Secretary's Clerk, HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH, 1917-1919.

Papers relating to his service in the RN, 1911-1945, including his notes on Battle of Dogger Bank, 1915; photographs of ships and personnel, 1918.

EDMONDS, Brig Gen Sir James Edward (1861-1956)

Served at General Headquarters, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1914-1918; Deputy Engineer-in-Chief, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1918; Officer in charge of Military Branch, Historical Section, Committee of Imperial Defence, 1919–1949; wrote Military Operations: France and Belgium (13 volumes) (HMSO, London, 1922-1948) and Military Operations: Italy (with Henry Rudolph Davies) (HMSO, London, 1949), sections of the official history of World War One.

Papers, 1914-1951, including typescript memoirs, written in 1951, including details of his service in World War One, 1914-1918, and in the Historical Section of the Committee of Imperial Defence, 1919-1949; letters from FM Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig and his wife, 1903-1939, mainly relating to Edmonds' work on the official history of World War One; notes, copy correspondence and messages, press cuttings and ephemera relating to World War One collected by Edmonds, 1914-1945.

ELLENBERGER, Brig George Fothergill (1895-[1974])

Commissioned, 11 (Reserve) Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Jan 1915; joined 9 (Service) Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 64 Infantry Bde, 21 Div, Western Front, Dec 1915; served in France and Flanders, World War One, 1915-1918; wounded, Battle of the Somme, 1916; awarded MC, 1916; Lt, 1917; served at Third Battle of Ypres, 1917; wounded at Second Battle of Aisne, 1918; awarded Bar to MC, 1918.

Operational orders for 64 Infantry Bde, 21 Div, Western Front, May 1916-Nov 1917, including assault on Flers-Courcelette, Battle of the Somme, Sep 1916, Battle of Arras, Apr 1917 and Third Battle of Ypres, Oct 1917 (The Ellenberger papers form section 15/9 of the Liddell Hart papers).

FOULKES, Maj Gen Charles Howard (1875-1969)

Service on the Western Front, World War One, 1914-1918; appointed Gas Adviser, 1915; Commander of Special Brigade and Director of Gas Services, 1917; President of the Chemical Warfare Committee, 1918.

Papers, 1894-1981, including diaries (ref: Foulkes 2/14-18), official correspondence, reports, memoranda, technical instructions, lecture notes and maps (ref: Foulkes 6/1-81) relating to the British introduction and use of chemical warfare on the Western Front, 1914-1918; photographs of the Western Front, 1914-1915 and 1919 (ref: Foulkes 6/82-95); papers relating to the writing of 'Gas!' The story of the Special Brigade, 1934, including correspondence with former Special Brigade members (ref: Foulkes 9/1-20).

FOWKE, Villiers Loftus Philip (1887-1940)

Diplomat, British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, 1913-1917

Papers include letters home to his father, 1915-1917, with comment on the impact of the war on British expatriates in Japan

FREEDMAN, Lt Cdr Julian (1917-1987)

Served in Fleet Air Arm, 1938-1946.

Papers include notebook of Trooper T W Thorn, Surrey Yeomanry, containing a diary covering his service in Salonika, Jun 1917-Jan 1919; notes on the history and use of grenades, and descriptions and drawings of different types of grenades, 1917-1919.

FULLER, Maj Gen John Frederick Charles (1878-1966)

General Staff Officer, France, 1915-1917; served in Heavy Branch (later Tank Corps) Headquarters, France 1916-1917.

Papers, 1897-1966, including accounts of Tank Corps battalions, brigades and groups during World War One, 1916-1918, written by Tank Corps personnel in 1918-1919; correspondence, reports, memoranda, notes, maps, photographs, operation orders, and summaries of information, relating to (i) tank strategy and tactics, 1916-1918, (ii) the Battle of Cambrai, 1917, and (iii) Tanks Corps operations, 1914-1918; letters home to his parents from the Western Front 1914-1918; diary covering his service 1914-1915.

GATHORNE-HARDY, Gen the Hon Sir (John) Francis (1874-1949)

General Staff Officer, Grade 2, 2 Corps, BEF (British Expeditionary Force), 1914-1915; served 2 Army, 1915; General Staff Officer, Grade 1, 7 Div, 1915-1916; Brig Gen, General Staff, 14 Corps, 1916-1918; Maj Gen General Staff, British Forces in Italy and 10 Italian Army, 1918-1919.

Letters home, press cuttings and ephemera relating to his service on the Western Front, 1914-1918, and in Italy, 1918; account of the Battle of Le Cateau, Aug 1914.

GIBBS, AM Sir Gerald Ernest (1896-1992)

Enlisted as a Pte in the 1/5 Bn, East Surrey Regt, 1914; served World War One, 1914-1918, in Egypt, India, Salonika and France; service on North West Frontier, India, 1915; commissioned into 7 Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire Regt), 1915; transferred to Royal Flying Corps, 1916 and to RAF, 1918; served with 17 Sqn, Royal Flying Corps (later 150 Sqn, RAF), 1917-1918; awarded MC, 1918; posted to 29 Sqn, 1918; Commanding Officer, 29 Sqn, 1918-1919.

Typescript copies [1972] of combat reports by Gibbs, 17 Sqn, Macedonia, 1917-1918.

GIBSON, Brig Arthur Blair (1894-1986)

Served with 15 (Service) Bn, (1 Glasgow) Highland Light Infantry, 1914-1917, and Intelligence Section, 4 Army, 1917.

Personal diaries relating to service on the Western Front, 1915-1917.

GODLEY, Gen Sir Alexander John (1867-1957)

Commander New Zealand Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919; Commander New Zealand and Australian Div, Egypt and Gallipoli, 1914-1915; Commander ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps), Gallipoli and Egypt, 1915-1916; Commander 2 ANZAC, later renamed 22 Corps, Egypt and France, 1916-1919; temporary Commander 3 Corps, 1918.

Letters from various military correspondents, 1901-1954, some relating to operations in Gallipoli and the Western Front, 1915-1918; correspondence with Col Sir Clive Wigram, 1911-1933, including detailed descriptions of the landings at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, 1915, and the progress of operations there, 1915-1916; unpublished volumes of letters from Godley to his wife, written during service on the Western Front, 1916-1918.

GOLDSMITH, V Adm Sir (Malcolm) Lennon (1880-1955)

Commanded torpedo boat destroyer HMS LAERTES, 1913-1916; commanded HMS LYDIARD, Battle of Jutland, 1916.

Photocopy of letters to his father, J P Goldsmith, 1914-1919, including details of his service in the North Sea, 1914-1918, notably action at Heligoland Bight, Aug 1914, and at the Battle of Jutland, 31 May 1916.

GRACIE, Lt Col Archibald Leslie (b 1896)

Joined Inns of Court Regt, Dec 1915; trained with Officers Cadet Bn, Lichfield, 1916; commissioned into King's Royal Rifle Corps, Nov 1916; posted to 5 (Reserve) Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps, Dec 1916; served with 2 Bn, The King's Royal Rifle Corps, 1 Div, BEF (British Expeditionary Force), Western Front, 1917-1918; awarded MC, 1917; Lt, 1918; service with 2 Bn, The King's Royal Rifle Corps, British Army on the Rhine, 1918-1919.

Typescript account, 'The Second Battalion in the battle of the 100 days in 1918'; letters home from Western Front, 1917-1918; four manuscript signal messages relating to an attack by 1 Div, Western Front, 17-19 Oct 1918; photograph album, 1918-1922, including captioned photographs of individuals, Western Front and Germany, 1918-1919.

GRANT, Gen Sir Charles John Cecil (1877-1950)

Bde Maj, 3 Infantry Bde, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1914; General Staff Officer, Grade 2, General Headquarters, 1914-1915; General Staff Officer, Grade 1, and temporary Lt Col, 12 Div, 1915-1917; Brevet Lt Col, 1916; General Staff Officer, 3 Army, 1917; temporary Brig Gen commanding 1 Infantry Bde, 1917-1918; Brig Gen, General Staff, attending General Headquarters French Army as Liaison Officer between Gen Sir Henry Hughes Wilson, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, and French Marshal Ferdinand Foch, Commander in Chief, Allied Armies, 1918-1919.

Letters, 1914-1927, to his father-in-law, Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery, including descriptions of the Battles of Neuve Chapelle, Mar 1915, Verdun, 1916, the Somme, Jun- Nov 1916, and the second Battle of Ypres, Apr-May 1917. Also detailed copy diary, Mar-Jul 1918 , relating to his service as Liaison Officer between Gen Sir Henry Hughes Wilson, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, and French Marshal Ferdinand Foch, Commander in Chief, Allied Armies.

GREEVES, Maj Gen Stuart (1897-1989)

Joined 7 Bn Northamptonshire Regt as a volunteer, Sep 1914; served with Northamptonshire Regt and Lancashire Fusiliers in France and Belgium, 1915-1918.

Notes on his war experiences, primarily concerning living conditions during his service in the trenches in France and Belgium, 1914-1918, written 1980-1981.

GRENFELL, Capt Russell, RN (fl 1914-1944)

Lt, 1914; served in HMS REVENGE, Battle of Jutland, 1916.

Copy of his account of Battle of Jutland, 31 May 1916, written on 4 Jun 1916.

GREY, Capt William Edward (1895-1986)

Lt, 2 Bn, City of London Regt, seconded to War Office, 1916; served in Aircraft Equipment Directorate, 1916-1918

Correspondence and notes, 1917-1918, relating to orders for aircraft and engines, and to production problems caused by labour disputes. 

HAMILTON, Gen Sir Ian Standish Monteith (1853-1947)

General Officer Commanding, Mediterranean Command, and Inspector General of Overseas Forces, 1910-1914; General Officer Commanding Central Force for Home Defence, 1914-1915; General Officer Commanding, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, Gallipoli, 1915; Chairman of Joint Services' Conference to examine the financial interests of ex-servicemen and unify ex-service organisations, 1919; President of British Legion Metropolitan Area, 1921-1931, and Scotland Area, 1931-1947; Colonel of the Gordon Highlanders, 1914-1938.

Correspondence and reports on Overseas Forces, 1910-1914; semi-official correspondence relating to Central Force, 1914-1915; official and semi-official correspondence, despatches, telegrams, situation reports, operation orders, maps and official photographs relating to the Gallipoli Campaign, 1915; papers, 1916-1919, relating to the Dardanelles Commission, created to investigate the events of the Gallipoli campaign, including witness statements, correspondence with Commission members and with witnesses, and Commission reports; scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings, 1914-1918; correspondence relating to the British Legion, 1921-1949, and with ex-servicemen in regard to welfare, 1916-1947; correspondence relating to the Scottish Legion, 1931-1949; correspondence as Colonel of the Gordon Highlanders, 1914-1938; speeches and associated correspondence relating to Hamilton's unveiling of war memorials, 1919-1935.

HANCOCK, Lt Col Sir Cyril (Percy) (1896-1990)

Commissioned in 114 Maratha Light Infantry Regt, Indian Army, 1914; served in Mesopotamia, 1916-1918; Aide de Camp to General Officer Commanding 1 Corps, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, 1918.

Photocopy of a letter to Lt Col P M N Doyle, 1981, intended for publication in The Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Journal, giving an account of Hancock's service with 114 Marathas in Mesopotamia and India, 1916-1947.

HINDE, Lt Col Reginald Graham (1887-1982)

Served in Persia with Sir Percy Sykes' Mission and as Deputy Assistant

Adjutant and Quartermaster General to Force, Jul 1916.

Papers, 1911-1923, including five photographs of Persia, 1916.

HODGES, Capt Harold Augustus (1886-1918)

Commissioned, Monmouthshire Regt, Aug 1914; served on Western Front, 1914-1918; second Battle of Ypres, 1915; transferred to South Lancashire Regt, 1915; killed in action, Oct 1918

Papers include letters home from the Western Front, 1915-1917, and obituaries, 1918.

HOPTHROW, Brig Harry Ewart (1896-1992)

Served with the Royal Engineers, Western Front, 1917-1918.

Diary of service in France, 1917-1918; maps and printed ephemera, 1917-1918.

HOWELL, Brig Gen Philip (1877-1916)

Commander, 4 Hussars, France, 1914-1915; Brig Gen, General Staff, Cavalry Corps, 1915; Brig Gen, General Staff, 10 Corps, 1915; Chief of Staff, Salonika Army, 1915-1916; General Staff Officer Grade 1, 2 Corps, France, 1916; killed in action at Authille, France, Oct 1916.

Personal diaries, 1914-1916; 4 Hussars orders and accounts of operations, Western Front, 1914- 1915; Cavalry Corps operation orders, Western Front, 1915; official and semi-official correspondence as Chief of Staff, Salonika, 1915-1916.

HOWSON, Capt John, RN (1871-1948)

Served in RN Harwich force, North Sea 1914-1917, and as Flag Lt to Cdr in Chief, Nore Command, 1918-1919.

Copy of typescript memoir of his RN career 1914-1918 and 1939-1943, including details of his service with the Harwich force in the North Sea, 1914-1917, notably the Battle of Dogger Bank, Jan 1915, and at Nore Command, 1918-1919, with copies of naval signals, 1915-1916.

HUMPHREYS, Cdr Lawrence Anthony (d 1985)

RN College Dartmouth, 1914-1916; served in HMS TARANTULA, 1917-1918.

RN Training manuals, 1914-1916; HMS TARANTULA signals, Middle East and Far East, 1917-1918.


Served in France and Belgium with Royal Field Artillery, 1916-1918.

Typescript account of his service in France and with A Battery, 190 Bde, Royal

Field Artillery, 8 Jun 1917 and 21 Mar-5 Apr 1918, written 1964-1982, notably including details of action at Battle of Messines, 8 Jun 1917, and the defence of Bucquoy, Mar 1918.

HUTTON, Lt Gen Sir Thomas Jacomb (1890-1981)

Service on the Western Front, World War One, 1914-1918; Capt, 1915; Brevet Maj, 1918; General Staff Officer, Grade 3, 1918.

Correspondence with his family, 1914-1918, including comment on political and social aspects of the war, and typescript memoir of his service on the Western Front, 1914-1918.

HYNES, Brig William Henry (1893-1972)

Lt, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Western Front, 1915-1917.

Field message book, 1916.

ISACKE, Maj Gen Hubert (1872-1943)

Served in World War One, 1914-1918; Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General, Meerut Div, BEF (British Expeditionary Force), 1914-1915; awarded CMG, 1915; General Staff Officer Grade 1, 14 Div, 1915-1916; Director of Staff Duties and Training, Army Headquarters, India, 1916-1920; Col, 1917.

Diaries, 1893-1943, including details of service, 1914-1918.

ISMAY, Gen Hastings Lionel, 1st Baron Ismay of Wormington (1887-1965) 1893-1965

Served in Somaliland, 1914-1920.

Papers, 1917-1963, including letters home to his mother from Somaliland, 1916-1920 (ref: Ismay 1/2/1-40); reports, orders and correspondence relating to Somaliland operations, 1917-1920 (ref: Ismay 3/1/1-84).

JACOBS-LARKCOM, Col Eric Herbert Larkcom (1895-1982)

Commissioned into Corps of Royal Engineers, 1916; served in World War One, 1914-1918; service on Western Front with 15 Field Company, Royal Engineers, 8 Div, 2 Army, 1917-1918; Lt, 1918.

Copy manuscript account of service during Third Battle of Ypres, 1917; typescript narrative diary of 15 Field Company Royal Engineers, 8 Div, 2 Army, German March offensive, 1918, with copy manuscript account of German attack, 21 Mar 1918.

JEFFRIES, Brig William Francis (1891-1969)

Commissioned into Royal Dublin Fusiliers (Special Reserve), 1914; served in World War One with Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 1914-1918; service on Western Front, including Second Battle of Ypres, 1915, and Battle of the Somme, 1916; Maj, 1917; awarded DSO, 1918.

Printed message to 8 Corps from Lt Gen Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston, Battle of the Somme, 4 Jul 1916; letter from Jeffries, 1930, to the Director, Historical Section, Committee of Imperial Defence, on the attack by 2 Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 4 Div, 8 Corps, Battle of the Somme, 1 Jul 1916.

JENKINS, Cdr Humphrey Leoline (1903-1993)

Papers include copy account of the Battle of the Falklands, Dec 1914 by Capt (later Adm Sir) Richard Fortescue Phillimore (Jenkins’ uncle), commander of HMS INFLEXIBLE.

JONES, Sgt Charles Francis (fl 1916-1932)

Served with D Company, 2 Bn, London Regt (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles) in France, 1916 and 1918, Salonika, 1916-1917, and Palestine, 1917-1918.

Copy of 'NCO', typescript memoir of his service as a non-commissioned officer in France, 1916 and 1918, Salonika, 1916-1917, and Palestine, 1917-1918, written in 1932.

JOYCE, Lt Col Pierce Charles (1878-1965)

Attached to Egyptian Army, 1907-1917; General Staff Officer Grade 2, Hedjaz Mission, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, 1917; Base Commandant, 1917-1918; Special Service Officer, Hedjaz Operations, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, 1918-1919.

Papers, 1916-1965, relating to his service in Hedjaz (Hejaz/Hijaz, Saudi Arabia), 1916-1919, including official correspondence concerning operations against the Turkish forces and details of supplies, 1916-1918; reports of bombing raids and reconnaissance flights by X Flight and No 14 Sqn, Hedjaz, 1917-1918.

KENNEDY, Adm Francis William (1862-1939)

Commanded RN battlecruiser HMS INDOMITABLE, 1912-1916; in charge of Peterhead area off east coast of Scotland, 1917-1919.

Personal account of the part played by HMS INDOMITABLE in the shadowing,

chase and escape of the German battlecruiser GOEBEN and its companion ship the BRESLAU by the British Mediterranean Fleet 1914; an eyewitness description of the first bombardment of the Dardanelles, Nov 1914; intelligence reports of the positions of the warships of various nations, 1915; a summary of the information received from survivors of the German battlecruiser BLUCHER, sunk during the Battle of Dogger Bank, Jan 1915; a brief personal recollection of the Battle of Jutland, May 1916.

KENNEDY, Maj Gen Sir John Noble (1893-1970)

Transferred from RN to Royal Artillery, 1915; served with Royal Artillery in France, 1916-1918.

Papers, 1915-1957, including diaries of service in France, 1916-1918.

KERRICH, Brig Walter Allan Fitzgerald (1890-1982)

Served in France and Belgium, 1914-1917; Capt, 1916; served in Italy, 1917-1918.

Scrapbook of his service in France and Belgium, 1914-1917 and Italy, 1917-1918, including letters home, 1914-1915; notes on the operations of 7 Div, 1914; copy orders, 1916-1917; account of service in Italy, 1918; maps, 1914-1918.

KIGGELL, Lt Gen Sir Launcelot Edward (1862-1954)

Director of Home Defence, War Office, 1914-1915; Chief of General Staff, British Armies in France, 1915-1918.

Letters, 1914-1918, from FM Sir Douglas Haig; letters, 1914-1918, from Gen Sir Henry Hughes Wilson; correspondence, 1915-1921, with FM Sir William (Robert) Robertson, 1st Bt; semi-official correspondence by Kiggell as Chief of General Staff, 1916-1919, with various commanders on subjects including administration, planned operations, supply of ammunition and guns to Belgium, France and Russia and staff appointments; personal recollections of the Chantilly Conference, Nov 1916.

LABORDE, Cdr Crichton Felix (1895-1983)

Clerk, HMS INFLEXIBLE, 1912-1915.

Letter from Laborde to his father describing the Battle of the Falkland Islands, 8 Dec 1914; an account of the battle written by First and Second Gunnery Officers of the German armoured cruiser GNEISENAU, 1914.

LAMONT Henry Parkyn (1896-1962), author

Served with RAF, Western Front, 1918

Papers include an unpublished manuscript, ‘England Expects’, loosely based on his Western Front service, with a draft foreword by Gen Sir Hubert Gough.

LEVER, Capt George Harold (1892-1973)

Served as a wireless operator with South African Field Telegraphs, German West Africa, 1914- 1915.

Account, written in 1956, of his service with the South African Army, 1915; photographs of South Africa, 1915.

LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Commissioned into the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 1914; served on Western Front 1915- 1916. Military correspondent of The Daily Telegraph, 1925-1935, and of The Times, 1935-1939. Author of: New Methods in Infantry Training (Cambridge University Press, 1918); The framework of a Science of Infantry Tactics (Hugh Rees, London, 1921); Paris, or the Future of War (Kegan Paul & Co, London, 1925); The Remaking of Modern Armies (John Murray, London, 1927); Reputations: ten years after (John Murray, London, 1928); The Real War, 1914-1918 (Faber and Faber, London, 1930) reprinted as A History of the World War, 1914-1918 (Faber and Faber, London, 1934, Cassell, London, 1970 and Pan, London, 1972); Foch (Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1931 and Penguin, London, 1937); The War in Outline, 1914-1918 (Faber and Faber, London, 1936); The Tanks: the history of the Royal Tank Regiment  (Cassell, London, 1959).

Papers, 1870-1976, including: diaries, Sep-Nov 1915, and letters home from the Western Front, 1915-1916 (ref: Liddell Hart 7/1915/1-32, 7/1916/1-16); extensive correspondence (with over 4000 individual correspondents); notes and articles relating to the events of 1914-1918 (ref: Liddell Hart 1, 9, 10, 11), including notes by Brig Gen Sir James Edmonds, officer in charge of Military Branch, Historical Section, Committee of Imperial Defence (ref: Liddell Hart 9/5/5, 11/1927-1938); correspondence with World War One tank officers concerning the use of the tank, Western Front, 1916-1918 (ref: Liddell Hart 9/28); military manuals and pamphlets, 1914-1918, on topics including infantry training, trench warfare, aircraft recognition, and infantry/tank cooperation (ref: Liddell Hart 15/8). Correspondence, draft manuscripts, notes and photographs relating to Liddell Hart’s biographical writing on Thomas Edward (T E) Lawrence and his later defence of Lawrence’s reputation (ref: Liddell Hart 9/13), including correspondence with Lawrence and his family, colleagues and friends; correspondence, press cuttings and notes relating to dramatic representations of Lawrence, including Terence Rattigan’s play Ross (1960), and David Lean’s film Lawrence of Arabia (1962); albums of Lawrence’s photographs of operations against Turkish forces, Hejaz, 1916-1918. Papers relating to later factual, literary and dramatic accounts of World War One, including: proofs and correspondence relating to Alan Clark’s book, The Donkeys (Hutchinson, London, 1961) (ref: Liddell Hart 1/172, 13/34 and 15/7/13), correspondence with actor John Mills and additional notes relating to the satirical stage musical Oh What A Lovely War, 1963 (ref: Liddell Hart 13/61); scripts, correspondence and reviews relating to BBC television documentary series The Great War, 1964, on which Liddell Hart acted as military consultant (ref: Liddell Hart 13/62).

LISTER, Lt Col Frederick Hamilton (1880-1971)

Served in World War One, 1914-1918; posted to General Staff, 1914; Maj, 1915; awarded DSO, 1916; General Staff Officer 1, British Mission, Belgian General Headquarters, Western Front, 1917; General Staff Officer 1, General Headquarters, France, 1917-1918; Brevet Lt Col, 1918; General Staff Officer 1 in charge of British Mission to 1 French Army, 1918; British Representative, Allied Mission, Enemy Delegations, Paris, 1919; service in South Russia as General Staff Officer 1, British Mission to White Russian Gen Anton Ivanovich Denikin, 1919-1920.

Two annotated narrative diaries, 1918-1920, entitled 'Diary of 1st French Army operations, Apr to Aug 1918' and 'British Military Mission to South Russia. Diary of my journey, from Dec 1919 to May 1920'.

LYNCH, Gp Capt John Brayne (1900-1994)

Served with Royal Naval Air Service and RAF, 1917-1918; service with 220 Sqn, Aegean Group, 1918; service with No 221 Sqn, HMS RIVIERA, in South Russia and Turkey, 1919.

Flying log books, 1918-1926, including service in the Aegean, 1918, and South Russia, 1919. Also photographic negatives of South Russia, 1919.

MACDERMOTT, Rt Hon John Clarke, Baron MacDermott of Belmont (1896-1979)

Served with Machine Gun Corps in France, Belgium and Germany, 1918.

Photocopies of extracts from MacDermott's autobiography, 'An enriching life', privately printed in 1979, including details of the death of his brother in France, Jan 1916, the Easter Rising, Dublin, Apr 1916, military training in Belfast and England, 1916-1917, and service in France, Belgium and Germany, including the Battle of the Lys, Apr 1918, and the second Battle of the Marne, Jul-Aug 1918.

MACLEOD, Col Roderick (Rory) (1891-1984)

Served in France with the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) in 80 Battery, 15 Bde, Royal Field Artillery, 5 Div, 1914; 5 Battery, Royal Horse Artillery, 2 Indian Cavalry Div, 1915; 10 Battery, Royal Horse Artillery and 4 Bde, Royal Flying Corps, 1916-1917; commanded A Battery, Royal Horse Artillery, 240 Bde, Royal Field Artillery, 1917; commanded C Battery, Royal Horse Artillery, 241 Bde, Royal Field Artillery, 48 (South Midland) Div, Territorial Force, 1917; served in Italy, 1917- 1918.

See also MACLEOD [2] Unpublished memoir 'An artillery officer in the First World War', including details of service on the Western Front, 1914-1917, and in Italy, 1917-1918; a narrative of political and military events during 1917, entitled 'Why was Passchendale fought?'

M'CRAE, Col Sir George (1860-1928)

Commanded 16 Bn, Royal Scots, Western Front, 1916.

Papers, 1916-1926, including his report on the failure of the attack on the German line at Longueval by 16 Bn, Royal Scots Regt during the second Battle of the Somme, 3-4 Aug 1916.

MARSDEN SMEDLEY, Cdr John Bertram Aubrey (1893-1959)

Served in HMS LYDIARD, 1914-1915, and HMS HARDY, 1917.

Photograph of HMS LYDIARD [1915].

MARSHALL, Lt Gen Sir William Raine (1865-1939)

Commander, 1 Bn Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regt), France, 1914-1915; Commander, 87 Infantry Bde, 29 Div, Gallipoli, 1915-1916; successively commanded 42, 29 and 53 Divs, Gallipoli, 1915-1916; Commander, 27 Div in Salonika, Greece, 1916; Commander, 3 Indian Army Corps, Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force, 1916-1917; General Officer Commanding in Chief, Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force, 1917-1919.

Personal letters from Marshall to his brother, 1915-1919, including descriptions of service in Gallipoli, Salonika and Mesopotamia.

MASON, Air Cdre John Melbourne (fl 1917-1946)

Served with 5 Sqn, 5 Wing, Royal Naval Air Service and 205 Sqn, RAF, France, 1917-1918.

Flying log books, 1917-1946, covering his service with 5 Sqn, 5 Wing, Royal Naval Air Service and 205 Sqn, RAF, France, 1917-1918, with detailed accounts of bombing raids on France, 1917-1918.

MAURICE, Maj Gen Sir Frederick (Barton) (1871-1951)

General Staff Officer Grade 2, later Grade 1, 3 Div, France, 1914-1915; Director of Military Operations, Imperial General Staff, 1915-1918; wrote letter to the press accusing Prime Minister David Lloyd George of making misleading statements about the strength of British Army on the Western Front, May 1918; retired, May 1918.

Papers, 1888-1971, including letters home to his wife from France, 1914-1915 (ref: Maurice 3/1/4/1-272); letters home to his wife from the Versailles Peace Conference, France, Jan-Feb 1919 (ref: Maurice 3/1/5/1-11); letters received by Maurice and correspondence between other senior Allied military and political personnel, 1916-1918, including comment on the progress of operations on the Western Front and in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Belgium (ref: Maurice 3/5/1-228); Maurice's personal diary, Jan-Mar 1918, and official and semi-official correspondence, memoranda and notes, 1918-1936, relating to the debate occasioned by Maurice's challenge to Lloyd George, May 1918 (ref: Maurice 4/3, 4/5).

MAZE, Paul Lucien (1887-1979)

Served unofficially with Royal Scots Greys, 1914-1918.

Copy papers, 1914-1975, including correspondence with World War One colleagues, 1918- 1972, chiefly relating to the second Battle of the Somme, 21 Mar-5 Apr 1918.

METTERS, Lt Cdr Thomas Lee (d 1986)

Served in North Sea, 1917-1919.

Midshipman's journal, Sep 1917- Jan 1921, including details of his service in the North Sea, 1917-1919.

MILNE, FM George Francis, 1st Baron Milne of Salonika and of Rubislaw, County Aberdeen (1866-1948)

Commander, 27 Div, Salonika, 1915-1916; 16 Corps, Salonika, 1916; British Forces in Salonika and Army of the Black Sea, 1916-1918.

Papers, 1915-1948, including war diary of the Army of the Black Sea, 1915- 1917. Printed text of lecture, 'The Macedonian campaign in the Great War', given by Milne, Montevideo, 1939.

MOLLAN, Maj Gen Francis Robert Henry (1893-1982)

Medical Officer, 2nd Battalion Sherwood Foresters, Western Front, 1916-1918

Account of the construction of Regimental Aid Posts, and comments on the treatment of shock.

MONTGOMERY-MASSINGBERD, FM Sir Archibald (Armar) (1871-1947)

General Staff Officer, Grade 2, 4 Div, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), Western Front, 1914; General Officer, Grade 1, 4 Div, British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and temporary Col, 1914-1915; Brevet and substantive Lt Col, 1915; Brig Gen, General Staff and Chief of General Staff, 4 Corps, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1915-1916; Brevet Col, 1916; Maj Gen, General Staff, and Chief of General Staff, 4 Army, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1916-1919.

War diaries for 4 Div, 4 Corps and 4 Army, 1914-1918, notably concerning the Battles of Amiens, Epéhy, St Quentin Canal, the Beaurevoir Line, second Battle of Cambrai, the Selle and the Sambre. Papers relating to training, 1914-1918, especially the lessons of the Somme.

NIXON, Professor John Alexander (1874-1951)

Consulting Physician, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), France, 1918.

Copy of letter from Nixon to Dr G C Linder, Oct 1934, concerning Nixon's post-mortem on Baron Manfred von Richthofen ('The Red Baron'), Apr 1918.

NORTH, Maj John Francis Allen (1894-1973)

2nd Lt, Northamptonshire Regt, 1917; Lt, 1918; served in France and Belgium, 1918.

Papers relating to Gallipoli (Faber and Faber, London, 1936), 1927-1967, including correspondence with senior Army and RN personnel, 1927-1967; press cuttings, 1915-1966; 'Gallipoli', script of radio programme by Val Henry Gielgud, 1936; photographs of Gallipoli taken by North, 1936.

NORTON, Maj Gen Edward Felix (1884-1954)

Served in France and Belgium, 1914-1919; Bde Maj, France, 1915; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, France, 1915-1917.

Copies of photographs relating to his service with the Royal Artillery in France and Belgium, 1914-1919.

OAKEY, Capt John Martin (1888-1969)

Served with Rifle Bde, Western Front, 1915-1916; served with No 1 Special Company, Royal Engineers, 1916.

Papers, 1914-1960, including accounts of service, 1914-1918, with photographs; war diary of 7 Bn, Rifle Bde, 1915-1916; war diaries of No 1 and No 3 Special Companies, Royal Engineers, 1916- 1919.

O'CONNOR, Gen Sir Richard (1889-1981)

Bde Major, 185 Bde, in 62 Div, Western Front, 1917; commanded 2 Infantry Bn, Honourable Artillery Company, 7 Div, 1917; capture of Grave di Papadopoli, River Piave in Italy, 1918.

Papers, 1899-1981, including diaries relating to service on Western Front and in Italy, World War One, 1917-1918 (ref: O'Connor 2/2/3-4).

OSMOND, Col Thomas Edward (1884-1985)

Served in India and Mesopotamia with Royal Army Medical Corps, 1914-1918; captured at the siege of Kut el Amara, Mesopotamia, 1916.

Papers relating to his military career, 1911-1918, notably his service in Kut el Amara, 1916.

OWEN, Capt Hilary Dorsett, RN (1894-1980)

Served at sea, 1914-1918.

Copy of typescript account (undated) of the Battle of Jutland, May 1916.

PANET, Brig Henri de Lotbinière (1896-1985)

Served with Royal Engineers in France and Salonika, 1915-1918.

Papers, 1913-1945, including details of his commission as 2nd Lt, Royal Engineers, 1915.

PARKES, Col Thomas

Served with O Company, 4 Bn, Special Bde, Royal Engineers, France, 1916.

Diary covering his service in France, notably his involvement in gas attacks on German troops near St Omer, 1916.

PARSONS, Lt Gen Sir Lawrence Worthington (1850-1923)

Commanded 16 (Irish) Div, 1914-1915; replaced as Commanding Officer and retired, 1915; Col Commandant, Royal Artillery, 1917.

Papers, 1914-1984, relating to the raising and training of 16 (Irish) Div, 1914-1915, and their service in France, 1915-1918, including diary extracts, 1914-1916; correspondence, 1915-1918, including accounts of the Battle of the Somme, 1916, and the third Battle of Ypres, 1917.

PHILLIPS, Maj Gen Charles George (1889-1982)

Served in East Africa, 1914-1918; Capt, 1914; commanded 3 Bn, 2 King's African Rifles, 1916-1918, and Philcol Column, Portuguese East Africa, 1918.

Papers, 1912-1976, including maps of German East Africa (Tanganyika), 1916, and Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique), 1918; field service correspondence book, including war diary entries, covering his service with 3 Bn, 2 King's African Rifles, East Africa, 1917; an account of action fought near Lindi, German East Africa on 11 Jun 1917, written in 1935.

PHILLPOTTS, Adm Edward Montgomery (1871-1951)

Naval Assistant to Second Sea Lord, 1916; served in World War One, 1914-1917; commanded HMS WARSPITE in Battle of Jutland, 1916; R Adm, 1918.

Copies of papers, 1886-1930, including an undated account of the role of HMS WARSPITE in the Battle of Jutland, 31 May-1 Jun 1916, written by Cdr Humphrey Walwyn.

PIRIE, ACM Sir George Clark (1896-1980)

Served with Royal Flying Corps and RAF, 1914-1918.

Papers and photographs, 1917-1978, including memoir by Eric W Cockcroft, written in 1978, of his service with the Royal Flying Corps and RAF, UK and France, 1917-1918.

PITT, Barrie William Edward (1918-2006)


Papers, 1964-1967, including scripts and interview transcripts for BBC television series 'The Great War', broadcast 1964.

POOLE, Maj Gen Sir Frederick Cuthbert (1869-1936)

Retired, 1914; re-employed by Army, 1914; Lt Col 1915; Brevet Col, 1917; awarded CMG, 1917; temporary Maj Gen, 1917; awarded CB, 1918; General Officer Commanding North Russia Expeditionary Force, 1918-1919.

Papers relating to the British Military Mission to the Volunteer Army under Gen Anton Ivanovich Denikin, South Russia, 1917-1919, and to Poole's tenure as General Officer Commanding North Russia Expeditionary Force, 1918-1919, including maps of Russia, 1917-1919; typescript report by Capt George A Hill, RAF, 'Report of work done in Russia to end of 1917', 27 Nov 1918; printed War Office report entitled 'Report on visit of British Military Mission to the Volunteer Army under General Denikin in South Russia, Nov-Dec 1918; printed booklet, 'A brief review of the liberation of the Don province from the yoke of the bolscheviks and of the beginning of the strife for the restoration of the unity of Russia', 1918.

POORE, Brig Gen Robert Montagu (1886-1938)

Commanded 7 Hussars, 1911-1915; served in India, 1911-1919; Col, 1914; commanded Jhansi Bde, 1915-1919.

Papers, 1891-1988, including Lady Flora Poore's statements of accounts of the Jhansi Cantonments Comforts to Troops Fund, 1915-1916.

POORE, Lt Col Roger Alvin (1870-1917)

Stationed in UK with 2 Bn, 1 Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry, 1914-1917; joined 1 Bn, 1 Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry on Western Front, 1917; transferred to 2 Bn, Royal Welch Fusiliers; killed in action in Sep 1917.

Papers, 1896-1918, including letters to his wife, 1913-1917, with details of service in the UK, 1914-1917, and on the Western Front, 1917; letters to Poore's wife from Lt Col William Brooksbank Garnett, Commanding Officer, 2 Bn, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 1917-1918, chiefly concerning the circumstances of Poore's death.

QUERIPEL, Col Leslie Herbert (1881-1963)

Raised and commanded 36 Indian Divisional Signalling Company, 1914; Deputy Director of Army Signals and Telegraphs, Mesopotamia, 1915; Director of Army Signals and Telegraphs, Mesopotamia, 1916; served with 112 Bde, Royal Field Artillery, France, 1918.

Papers, 1917-1945, including letter to his wife, describing the fall of Baghdad, 10 Mar 1917, and subsequent conditions in the city; official Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force General Headquarters 'Despatch on operations', Apr 1917, relating to events 28 Aug 1916 - 31 Mar 1917.


120 original posters produced by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee and Parliamentary War Savings Committee, 1915 to aid recruitment and encourage donation to the war effort.

ROBERTSON, FM Sir William (Robert), 1st Bt (1860-1933)

Quartermaster General, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1914-1915; Chief of General Staff, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1915; Chief of the Imperial General Staff, 1915-1918; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Command, 1918, and Great Britain, 1918-1919.

Papers, 1898-1930, including correspondence as Quartermaster General, 1914-1915, relating to equipment, provisions and munitions; papers relating to his service as Chief of the Imperial General Staff, including reports and memoranda to the War Office and Cabinet from Robertson and other officers at General Headquarters, France, 1915; reports to the Committee of Imperial Defence, 1915; official correspondence relating to operations in the Balkans, Dardanelles and Egypt, 1915; Chantilly Conference papers, 1915, concerning the co-ordination of Allied military operations; Army Council and War Cabinet papers, 1915-1918, on manpower and on operations in the Middle East; private correspondence with Gen Sir Douglas Haig, 1915-1918; official correspondence, 1916-1918, with Prime Minister Rt Hon David Lloyd George; official correspondence, 1916-1918, with the commanders of British forces in Egypt, India, Italy, and Salonika; papers on the establishment and running of the Supreme Inter-Allied War Council, 1917-1918; papers concerning his resignation as Chief of the Imperial General Staff, 1918.

ROWELL, Sir (Herbert Babington) Robin (1894-1981)

Joined Royal Flying Corps, 1915, served in UK with 1 Reserve Aeroplane Sqn and with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in France with 8 and 12 Sqns, 1915-1916; worked as experimental pilot for Aircraft Directorate, and later Designs Department of the Air Board, 1918-1921.

Papers, 1915-1980, including letters home, 1915-1916; log book of service, 1915-1917, with 1 Reserve Aeroplane Sqn, Royal Flying Corps, UK and with 8 and 12 Sqns, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), France; notes and texts of lectures relating to aerial combat tactics, 1918; diary, 1918; 'Memoir of service with the Royal Flying Corps, 1915 and 1916', written in 1970-1980.

SANDERS, Lt Col Samuel George Harrison (1871-1954)

Superintendent, Army Remount Service, No 3 Depot, Melton Mowbray, 1914-1920.

Papers, 1911-1966, including letters of appreciation, 1916-1927, mainly relating to his work at the Remount Depot, Melton Mowbray, notably a typescript letter from Gen Sir Douglas Haig, Commander in Chief, British Armies in France, 3 Jun 1918.


Served with Indian Corps, Western Front, 1915.

Copies of Indian Corps intelligence summaries, France, Aug 1915; account of events in the town of Merville, France, 1914-1915.

SCLATER, Gen Sir Henry Crichton (1855-1923)

Adjutant General to the Forces and member of Army Council, 1914-1916; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command, 1916-1919.

Correspondence, 1912-1917, including letters relating to recruitment, military inspections and the availability of manpower, from FM Sir John Denton Pinkstone French, Commander-in-Chief, Home Forces, Feb 1917, Gen Sir (Henry Macleod) Leslie Rundle, General Officer Commanding-in- Chief, Eastern Command, Feb-May, 1916, and Lt Gen Sir (Cecil Frederick) Nevil Macready, Adjutant General to the Forces, Jul 1917.

SHEA, Gen Sir John Stuart Mackenzie (1869-1966)

General Staff Officer, Grade 2, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), France, 1914; General Staff Officer, Grade 1, 6 Div, 1914-1915; Commander, 151 Infantry Bde, 1915-1916; Commander, 30 Div, 1916-1917; General Officer Commanding 60 Div, Palestine, 1917-1918.

Copy diaries, 1914-1915, relating to mobilisation, and to service in France; notes, correspondence, photographs and maps relating to the Palestine campaign, 1917-1918.

SIMPSON-BAIKIE, Brig Gen Sir Hugh Archie Dundas (1871-1924)

Commanded A Battery (The Chestnut Troop), Royal Horse Artillery, South Africa, India and France, 1911-1915; served in World War One, 1914-1918; Lt Col, 1914; service on Western Front, 1914-1915; General Staff Officer Grade 2, Headquarters, 2 Army, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1915; General Staff Officer 1, 48 South Midland Div, British Expeditionary Force, 1915; Brig Gen Royal Artillery, 29 Div, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, 1915; Brig Gen Royal Artillery, 8 Corps, Gallipoli, 1915; awarded CB, 1915; Brig Gen General Staff, East Africa Force, 1915-1916; Commander Royal Artillery, 60 London Div, Western Front, 1916; temporary Brig Gen, 1916; Brevet Col, 1917; Commander Royal Artillery, 60 London Div, Salonika, 1916-1917; General Officer Commanding Royal Artillery, 21 Corps, Egypt and Palestine, 1917-1919; served at Third Battle of Gaza and as General Officer Commanding Royal Artillery, Battle of Megiddo, Palestine, 1918; General Officer Commanding Royal Artillery, 20 Corps, Cairo, Egypt, 1919.

Letters home to his wife, 1906-1919, including letters while on active service on the Western Front, Gallipoli, Salonika and Palestine, 1914-1918; letter from Gen Sir Horace Lockwood Smith- Dorrien, Governor of Gibraltar, on adverse comment about Smith-Dorrien in 1914 (Spiers, London, 1919), by FM John Denton Pinkstone French, 1st Viscount of Ypres, 1920. Photograph of Gen Sir Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton at Charing Cross Station, London, on his departure for Gallipoli, 13 Mar 1915; aerial photograph of French camp at Sedd el Bahr, Gallipoli, Turkey, 1915.

SLINGSBY, Capt Henry Laurence (1893-1917)

Served with King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, France and Belgium, 1914-1917; killed in action in 1917.

Transcripts of diary entries and letters describing his service in France and Belgium, 1914-1917, notably the Battle of Le Cateau, Aug 1914, first Battle of the Marne, Sep 1914, first Battle of the Aisne, Sep 1914, and first Battle of Ypres, Oct-Nov 1914, with related photographs, newspaper cuttings and correspondence, 1914-1920.

SLINGSBY, William Ecroyd (b 1885)

Served in World War One with Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Flying Corps; served with No 2 Aeroplane Wing, Royal Naval Air Service, Gallipoli, 1915.

Photograph album relating to his service with the Royal Naval Air Service, Gallipoli, 1915.

SMITH, Capt Ralph C

Served with Northumbrian (County of Durham) (Howitzer) Bde, France and Belgium, 1915-1917.

Copy of typescript diary of his service on the Western Front, 1915-1917, notably in the second Battle of Ypres, Apr 1915, the Battle of the Somme, Aug-Sep 1916, and the Battle of Arras, Apr 1917. 


Formed in 1915, to advise members who wished to take up special work during wartime; organised Society of Friends' resistance against the introduction of conscription, 1916, and campaigned on behalf of conscientious objectors.

Pacifist publications and publications relating to conscription, 1914-1919.

SPEARS, Maj Gen Sir Edward Louis (1886-1974)

Liaison officer between Gen Charles Louis Marie Lanrezac, French 5 Army Headquarters, and Gen Sir John Denton Pinkstone French, Commander-in-Chief, British Expeditionary Force, 1914-1917; head of British Military Mission to Paris, 1917-1920.

Official correspondence, telegrams, memoranda and reports concerning operations on the Western Front and Anglo-French relations, 1914-1918. Papers relating to his books, 1914. A narrative of the great retreat (William Heinemann, London, 1930) and Two Men Who Saved France: Petain and De Gaulle (Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1966). Photographs, including officers, troops, trenches, bomb sites, hospitals, and burial grounds.

SPICER, Capt Lancelot Dykes (1893-1979)

Commissioned into the Army, 1914; temporary Lt, 1915; served on Western Front with 9 (Service) Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 1915-1917; temporary Capt, 1916; Battle of the Somme, 1916; awarded MC, 1917; Adjutant, 10 (Service) Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 1917-1918; awarded Bar to MC, 1918; Bde Maj, 64 Infantry Bde, 1918; awarded DSO, 1918.

Letters home from France, Sep 1915-Sep 1916, and Apr 1917-Nov 1918; Field Service postcards, Western Front, 1915-1917. Correspondence with former members of 9 (Service) Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 1963-1979, mostly relating to the Battle of the Somme, 1916.

SPRAWSON, Maj Gen Sir Cuthbert Allan (1877-1956)

Professor of Medicine, Allahabad University, India, 1913-1923; Consulting Physician, Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force, 1916-1918; temporary Lt Col, Indian Medical Service, 1917-1919.

Typescript memoir, '37 years in the IMS [Indian Medical Service]', including account of his service in World War One with the Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force, 1916-1918.

STERN, Lt Col Sir Albert Gerald (1878-1966)

Lt, Armoured Car Div, Royal Naval Air Service, 1914; Secretary, Landships Committee, Admiralty and War Office, 1915-1916; Chairman, Tank Supply Committee and Director, Tank Supply Department (later Mechanical Warfare Supply Department), Ministry of Munitions, 1916-1917; British Commissioner, Inter-Allied Tank Bureau, 1917-1918; Commissioner for Mechanical Warfare (Overseas and Allies), Ministry of Munitions, 1917-1918.

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes of meetings, technical drawings and photographs, 1914-1919, relating to his role in the development and production of armoured fighting vehicles.

STEVENSON, Col Robert Colin Russell (1896-1983)

Commissioned into the Corps of Royal Engineers, 1915; served in Egypt, 1915-1916; Egyptian Expeditionary Force, 1916; Lt, 1916; service with Royal Engineers in Salonika, 1916-1918; Capt, 1918.

Fourteen panoramic photographs produced by Survey Company, Royal Engineers, Salonika Force, labelled to show topographical details, Feb 1917; 'Salonika fire', a series of 24 official photographs of the city, taken by Survey Company, Royal Engineers and Royal Flying Corps, 18-19 Aug 1917.

STRANGGunner Peter (1888-1953)

Served with Royal Garrison Artillery, Afghanistan and North West Frontier Province, India, 1916-1919

Photographs relating to North West Frontier, including group photographs of Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) personnel, mules loaded with artillery equipment, and views of terrain traversed by the RGA.

STUART, Maj Gen Sir Andrew Mitchell (1861-1936)

Director of Works, British Armies in France, 1914-1919.

Papers, 1885-1935, including notebooks and appointment diaries, 1914-1918.

SWINTON, Maj Gen Sir Ernest Dunlop (1868-1951)

Served in World War One, 1914-1918; Deputy Director of Railway Transport, 1914; official war correspondent with British Expeditionary Force (BEF), 1914-1915; Assistant Secretary (Military), Committee of Imperial Defence and War Cabinet, 1914-1917; secretary to Dardanelles Committee, 1915; Lt Col, 1915; author of memorandum detailing requirements for an armoured fighting vehicle on caterpillar tracks, 1915; temporary Col, 1915-1917; raised Heavy Section, Machine Gun Corps (subsequently Tank Corps), 1916; Brevet Col, 1917; awarded CB, 1917; lecture tour of USA, 1918.

Papers and scrapbooks, 1916-1949, concerning his career, including correspondence, 1932-1941, on the early development of the tank.

TAYLOR, Lt Garth Smithies (1896-1916)

Joined Army Service Corps as a clerk, 1914; 2nd Lt and Lt, 1915; transferred to 2 Bn, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regt); served in France, 1915-1916; killed in action, 1916.

Account, 'Garth Smithies Taylor, 1896-1916', written by his sister Dorothea Taylor in 1971, including copies of letters to his family, 1914-1916, and extracts from his diary, 1914-1916, relating particularly to his service near Ypres, 1916, and in the Battle of the Somme, 1916.

THORNHILL, Lt Col Edmund Basil (1898-1998)

Commissioned into the Royal Field Artillery, 1916; service with 1B Reserve Bde, Royal Field Artillery, Forest Row, Sussex, 1916; service with C Battery, 93 Army Field Bde, Royal Artillery, Western Front, 1917-1918; wounded, Battle of Vimy Ridge, 1917; Lt, 1918; awarded MC, 1918.

Printed memoir, 'Recollections', including details of service on the Western Front, World War One.

TOWNSEND, Maj Gen Sir Charles Vere Ferrers (1861-1924)

Command of Rawal Pindi Bde, India, 1913-1915; served World War One, 1914-1918; General Officer Commanding 6 Indian Div, Mesopotamia, 1915-1916; commanded 6 Indian Div at Battles of Kurna, Kut el Amara, Ctesiphon and the defence and siege of Kut el Amara, 1915-1916; POW, 1916-1918; created KCB, 1917.

Papers, 1899-1937, and 1964-1966, including scrapbook of press cuttings, 1916, on the Mesopotamian campaign and the defence and siege of Kut el Amara; file of research correspondence, 1964-1966, by Lt Col Arthur James Barker for The neglected war (Faber, London, 1967) and Townshend of Kut (Cassell, London, 1967).

TRECHMANN, Maj Otto Leopold (1884-1950)

Capt, Heugh Battery, Hartlepool, County Durham, 1914; served in France with 41 Siege Battery, 1915- 1917.

Official reports on the bombardment of Hartlepool by three German battle cruisers, 16 Dec 1914. Account of his military service, 1914-1917, notably his experiences with the Heugh Battery, Hartlepool, 1914-1915, and with 41 Siege Battery at the Battle of the Somme, 1916, and Battle of Vimy Ridge, 1917.

TUDOR, Adm Sir Frederick (Charles Tudor) (1863-1946)

Third Sea Lord, Admiralty, 1914-1917; Commander-in-Chief, China Station, 1917-1919.

Papers relating to his service as Third Sea Lord, 1915-1916, including a memorandum on the development of an armoured car force, 1914-1916, written for Tudor by Murray Fraser Sueter, Sep 1916, and a report on the design and construction of the first tank, written for Tudor by Eustace Henry William Tennyson D'Eyncourt, Director of Naval Construction, Sep 1916.

VICKERS, Col Sir (Charles) Geoffrey (1894-1982)

Served on Western Front with 1/7 (Robin Hood) Bn, The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regt), Territorial Force, 1915-1918; temporary Capt, 1915; awarded VC for action at Hohenzollern Redoubt, Battle of Loos, France, 14 Oct 1915; Lt, 1916; Maj, 1918; Second in Command, 1 Bn, Lincolnshire Regt, 1918.

Copy papers relating to Vickers and to his brother, 2nd Lt William Burnell Vickers, 184 Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, killed in action, Western Front, 21 Jun 1917, including letters from William Burnell Vickers to his parents and to his brother, Jan 1916-Jun 1917, letters of condolence from his regimental officers, Jun 1917; extracts from William Burnell Vickers' diary relating to his service on the Western Front, Nov 1915-Feb 1916 and Jul 1916; letters from Lt (Charles) Geoffrey Vickers, Western Front, to his parents and to his brother, Feb 1915-Feb 1917; letter from his commanding officer, Lt Col Arthur William Brewill, 24 Oct 1915, informing Vicker's parents that Vickers had been recommended for the VC; letters home to his parents by Vickers from France, Apr 1918-Jan 1919; copy diary relating to Vickers' service on the Western Front, Feb-Oct 1915.

WALLACE, Maj (William) Graham (1893-1985)

2nd Lt, 3 Bn, London Regt, 1914; served in Sudan, 1915, Gallipoli, 1915, and France and Belgium, 1916-1918.

Copy of typescript memoir of service 1914-1918, written in 1935, including details of the operations of 3 Bn, London Regt in Sudan, 1915, Gallipoli, 1915, and France and Belgium, 1916-1918, notably the Battle of the Somme, 1916.

WALTERS, Cdr Jack Dalrymple (1897-1981)

Served in HMS DORIS, Mediterranean, 1914-1915, HMS VALIANT, North Sea, 1916-1917, HMS LOBELIA, Mediterranean, 1917-1918, HMS CALYPSO, Baltic, 1918.

Copy of memoir, written in 1920-1921, covering the period 1914-1921, including his service in World War One in the Mediterranean, 1914-1915 and 1917-1918, and the North Sea, 1916-1917, notably the Battle of Jutland, 1916.

WICKENS, Edward (1892-1983)

Enlisted in Middlesex Regt, 1915; served in France, 1916.

Account of his service with Middlesex Regt during the Battle of the Somme, 1916.

WILKINSONCol Alexander Camac (1892-1983)

Served with 1 Coy, 2 Bn, Coldstream Guards, Western Front, 1917; Cdr, 1 Coy, 1917-1918

Memoir of his sporting and military career, ‘Fun and games and narrow squeaks’, including his World War One service, with a detailed account of the Battle of Cambrai, Nov-Dec 1917

WILLCOX, Lt Col Walter Temple (1869-1944)

Served with 3 Hussars, France, 1914-1918.

Papers, 1894-1920, including intelligence summaries and translated German documents, 1915- 1916; notes, standing orders and ephemera, 1915-1918.

WILSON, Louis Edward (1884-1973)

Toured UK with the fund raising Tank Campaign of the National War Savings Committee, 1917-1919.

Papers, 1917-1944, including correspondence, photographs and printed ephemera relating to the National War Savings Committee fund raising tour, 1917-1919.

WILSON, Maj Walter Gordon (1874-1957)

Served with Armoured Car Division, RN, 1914; worked for Landships Committee on design of armoured fighting vehicles; transferred to Heavy Branch, Machine Gun Corps, 1916; Chief of Design, Mechanical Warfare Department, War Office, 1916-1918.

Copies of pages from Sir Albert Stern's Tanks, 1914-1918: the log book of a pioneer (Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1919), with annotations by Wilson, 1920.

WINTOUR, Maj Gen Fitzgerald (1860-1949)

Commanded brigade in France, World War One, 1914-1915; Deputy Assistant and Quarter Master General, Headquarters, 2 Army, 1915; retired, 1918.

Photocopy papers, 1898-1918, including a complaint relating to conditions in trenches, Western Front, World War One, 1915.

WYNNE, Capt Graeme Chamley (1889-1964)

Personal correspondence and ephemera, 1908-1918, chiefly relating to his time as a POW, German and Netherlands, 1914-1918

YOUNG, Maj Sir Hubert Winthrop (1885-1950)

General Staff Officer, Grade 2, Hedjaz (Hejaz/Hijaz, Saudi Arabia), 1918.

Copy memoranda and notes relating to Hejaz operations, 1917-1918, especially the provision of camels and equipment to Sherif Faisal ibn Hussein's Northern Arab Army.

ZADIK, Lt Manfred (1887-1967)

Enlisted, German Army, 1914; served as NCO, 1914-1918; Western Front, 1914-1915; served on Eastern Front and on Hungarian-Romanian border, 1915-1918

Photograph albums relating to his service with the German Army, 1916-1918, chiefly on the Eastern Front.

Miscellaneous collections


German machine gun order, Oct 1918.


Copies of The Daily Mirror, Jul-Sep 1914 and Jun 1916.


Two signals issued by Ordnance officers stationed at Calais to mark the end of hostilities, 11 Nov 1918.


Maps of Mesopotamia published by the Survey of India, World War One

Published maps of Mesopotamia, titled ‘Turkey in Asia’, produced by the Survey of India, 1915-1917, showing an area from Baghdad in the north west to Basra (Basrah) and the border with Iran (Persia) in the south east, scale 1 inch to 4 miles, many areas marked ‘unsurveyed’]


'For Want of Critics... the Tragedy of Gallipoli', Gallipoli Memorial Lecture, 1990

Printed text of the 1990 Gallipoli Memorial Lecture given by Prof Robert O'Neill, Chichele Professor of History of War, University of Oxford.


World War One:  Leaflets, newspapers, and propaganda, mainly German, printed ephemera

Die Feldpost, a newsletter for German soldiers on active service, Dec 1915; Grüsse an die Heimat, a newsletter for German POWs in France, May 1917; propaganda leaflet, 'The Austro-Hungarian Peace Note', 1918; printed portrait photographs of the King and Queen of Belgium, 1918.


'The Dardanelles 1915: A selection of Cabinet Office papers made for King's College London', 1969 (bound photocopies of papers held in the Public Record Office).


Printed announcement by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, concerning the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war upon Russia, 31 Jul 1914 (3 Aug 1914). Produced by the St Petersburg Telegraph Agency. In Russian, with English translation.


WORLD WAR ONE: Maps of Arras, France, 1918

Four Ordnance Survey maps of countryside south and south west of Arras, France, 1918.


Edition of 14 Heavy Battery RGA War Diary (Robert Scott, London, 1919), including the war diary, 1914-1919; list of honours and awards to officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers.


British and European printed maps, 1909-1962, including

Maps of the Western Front area, printed 1909-1918, by the Geographical Section, General Staff; maps of British operations on the Western Front, 1914, printed 1920; maps detailing the progress of the Battle of Jutland, 1916, printed 1921; maps of British operations in Palestine and Transjordan, 1917- 1918, printed 1927 and 1929; French maps of operations on the Western Front, 1914-1916, printed 1920; German maps of the Western Front and Eastern Front, 1914, printed 1920.


Facsimiles of four editions of World War One Western Front trench newspapers, The New Church Times and The Kemmel Times.


Text of the 1999 Gallipoli Memorial Lecture Gallipoli: A View from Seaward by AF Sir (John) Julian (Robertson) Oswald GCBby AF Sir (John) Julian (Robertson) Oswald GCB   


The history of Ruhleben: a record of British organisation in a prison camp in Germany by Joseph Powell, captain of the camp, and Francis Gribble (W Collins Sons & Co, Ltd, London, 1919). Also bound copies of the camp magazine, ‘In Ruhleben Camp’ (later ‘The Ruhleben Camp magazine’), Jun 1915 – Aug 1916. Ruhleben was a civilian internment camp near Berlin.


Group photograph of 3 Squadron RAF football team, plus officers, with handwritten caption on reverse, ‘taken 4 May 1918 at Hastings’ (no individuals identified).


Photograph album of naval convoy on voyage from Australia to UK.

Snapshots taken on board an unidentified ship, c 1917, including views of: HMS LYSANDER, troopship HMT SHROPSHIRE, HMS IMPLACABLE; HMS MANTUA; troopship HMT ASCANIAS, and ports in Australia, Sierra Leone, and South Africa.


'Times Broadsheets for Soldiers and Sailors'

Published sets of brief extracts from published fiction and non-fiction, including excerpts from the works of William Shakespeare, the King James Bible, Charles Dickens, and Joseph Conrad, sold in the UK for sending to the forces serving abroad and at sea, World War One.


L'Album de la Guerre 1914-1919 (L'Illustration, Paris, France, 1925-1926, first edition 1922)

Pictorial outsize two volume history of World War One, including events preceding the outbreak of the war, the Western Front, trench warfare, aerial warfare, war at sea, prisoners of war, the Russian revolution, the Balkans, Palestine, political unrest in Germany and Hungary in 1918, the peace negotiations, 1919.

Published microfilm

FM Earl Haig: autograph diaries and letters home to his wife, 1914-1919 , (ref: MF 856-865)

Original documents held in the National Library of Scotland.



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